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Rubble Removal Defined

What is rubble? Rubble refers to any material, be it rocks, gravel, sand, bricks, tiles, concrete or other unwanted elements, that are found on a property as a natural part of the evironment or as a byproduct of building (builders' rubble) or other works. Rubble removal is the practice of clearing this aggregate to improve the appearance and function of an environment. Rubble that is removed on large scale rubble removal projects is often repurposed on construction sites as a filler material. 

Refuse Removal vs Rubble Removal

Refuse removal refers to the removal of a variety of wastes - organic wastes and inorganic wastes - such as garden refuse, household refuse, general waste etc. Rubble removal refers to the removal of dense, mineral-based building material waste as well as any other unnecessary natural rocks, gravel or sand.

Take Out The Trash

Have you been putting off projects that need your attention? Tackling these dodged tasks can be time consuming, tedious and, in addition, they can create vast amounts of refuse or rubble. Often the problem is getting organised, not to mention having the motivation to just get started in the first place. Get started and let us help you deal with the aftermath and take out the trash

- "Clean the yard" is a typical South African phrase for poop-scoop, dig out the weeds, mow, rake and sweep and in most households involves cleaning the yard around the piles of rubble and other general refuse. Call Peninsula Removal Services to remove the blemishes once and for all. 
- Erect a tool shed and create storage space for all your tools - you know the ones everyone keeps tripping over in the yard. We will take care of the off cuts and unusable scrap afterwards. 
- Construct the kids' treehouse you've been putting off. They will love you for it and we would love to remove any rubbish left behind. 
- Dig up that empty pool you've had in your back yard since the kids left home. Replace it with that beautiful conservancy that your wife always wanted! We will process the rubble waste on your behalf thereafter. 
- Finish the remodel of your home. We will take care of any leftover drywalling, wood, composites, concrete and other building refuse. 
- Build those retaining walls and create the terraces that your property has always needed. We will remove the rubble and excess soil left behind. 
- Install the koi pond that you wish you had. Peninsula Removal Services will re-purpose the excavated soil and rubble waste. 

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Benefits Of Prompt Rubble Removal

Peninsula Removal Services removes rubble in Cape Town & Surrounds.


Prevent Pest & Reptile Infestation 

Masses of rubble and other waste materials left standing become prime habitat and breeding grounds for snakes, rats, mice and other pests. Have your rubble and other refuse removed as a preventative measure. 


Eliminate Safety Hazards 

Builders' rubble and other refuse often has hazardous elements like re-bar protruding from re-inforced concrete or rusty corrugated roof sheeting. These and other hazards can be the cause of exhorbitant medical bills; remove the rubble for far less than the cost of the injuries it can cause. 


Eliminate Obstructions & Create Space 

Builders' rubble and other refuse that is stored indefinitely obstructs useful space in throughfares, courtyards and gardens. By removing rubble and refuse you re-create long lost spaces providing practical and psychological benefits. 


Improve Aesthestics Of Your Environment 

Beautify your property by removing waste materials, that are so often dispersed around your property, get an instant aesthetic improvement. Let your family and friends enjoy a pleasant home environment that excludes eyesores. Expect better rates when selling or renting a well kept property. 

The Details

Peninsula Removal Services Rubble Removal

What does Peninsula Removal Services class as rubble removal?

Peninsula removal services considers various types of construction and building waste as ‘building rubble’. This building debris is produced as waste from construction, renovation, demolition, and remodeling projects. Here are some of the waste materials that we remove from properties in Cape Town and surrounds and responsibly dispose of or repurpose:

• Sand
• Stone / Gravel
• Cement
• Concrete
• Drywalling
• Plasterboard
• Bricks
• Floor & Wall Tiles
• Paving
• Roof Tiles
• Other Roofing
• Tar

In addition to builders' rubble there are a variety of other rubble aggregates that may be found naturally on your property which ideally should be removed. These aggregates may negatively impact your gardening efforts and other outdoor projects. These may include;

• Naturally Occurring Rock 
• Naturally Occurring Stone   

While we are at work on your property other refuse that we can remove simultaneously includes: 

• Irrepairable Appliances 
• Household Junk 
• Garden Refuse
• Dilapidated Garden Sheds & Wendy Houses
• Scrap Metal 
• Outdated Decor & Furnishings

Re: Your Requirements

Factors to keep in mind when scheduling removal of rubble or refuse with Peninsula Removal Services.

Size Of Job

Peninsula Removal Services utilises 1 ton bakkies and 4, 6, and 8 ton trucks. Be sure to make the most of the loading capacity opted for without exceeding the mass and volume guidelines of the removal equipment being utilised. 

Load Types

As far as possible we request that you refrain from mixing different types of rubble and refuse. Mixed loads are possible but Peninsula Removal Services will load the load bin according to the method of disposal or re-use intended.

Environmental Impact 

Please ensure that hazardous waste such as batteries, motor oil, paint, paint cans, and asbestos etc. are disposed of appropriately. Note: Peninsula Removal Services does not handle asbestos.

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